How to Manifest Running Into Someone in 5 Steps


You can manifest a lot of special things to yourself, such as rain, finding a lost item, meeting a stranger, and even an apology from someone who has hurt you. But, can you manifest running into someone?

The answer is yes, it is definitely possible to manifest running into someone. Like attracts like, according to the Law of Attraction (LOA). This is a universal law that applies at all times. This law will also apply to bumping into someone without exception.

If you want to bump into someone, you have to lean into how good it feels to be reunited with that specific person.

By cultivating the positive feelings of running into someone you haven’t seen for a while, you will eventually make that experience your reality.

Follow these 5 steps and learn how to manifest running into someone.

How to Manifest Running Into Someone Using The Law of Attraction

Step 1: Become Crystal Clear on What You Want.

The first step toward manifesting running into someone through the Law of Attraction is to define what you want and why you want it.

This is a critical step because your energy creates your reality.

According to the Law of Vibration, everything vibrates, including your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Ask yourself these questions to figure out what’s driving your desire.

  • Why do you want to manifest running into them?
  • When you think of them, how do you feel?
  • Is it good or bad to think of them?

Be as specific as possible.

If you don’t know what you want, you’re sending mixed messages to the Universe. As a result, you will have undesirable outcomes.

The one thing you must understand about the Law of Attraction is that you attract what you feel rather than what you want. So, use it to your advantage.

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Step 2: Visualize Running Into Them.

The second step in manifesting running into someone is by visualizing it.

So, using the details you jotted down in step one, visualize your desire and how good it feels.

For this exercise, find a quiet place where you can be alone without being disturbed.

Start the visualization process by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breathes to calm your mind and body.

Think about the specific person you want to manifest running into.

Imagine how good it would feel bumping into them, and having a genuine chat. If your imagination allows it, you can visualize going for a walk or grabbing a cup of coffee together.

Manifesting should be fun. Make sure you’re having a good time while you’re doing this. Speak to the universe (or God, or whatever power you believe in) and express your desire to communicate with them, as well as your request that it be done for you.

If you’re having doubts about your manifestation, come back to this visualization meditation to realign your energy.

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Step 3: Acknowledge your Limiting Beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are thoughts such as “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t do it” that either hold us back because they are untrue and we are unaware of it, or they are true and we overthink them.

Some common limiting beliefs when trying to manifest are:

  • Who am I kidding? It’s just not going to happen.
  • There’s no way I can manifest running into them
  • I am not in control of my reality.
  • I have no way of contacting them.

Limiting beliefs reduce your manifesting power by lowering your vibration.

It becomes impossible the moment you start doubting and believing it is not possible.

Focus on the aspects of yourself that make you happy. This raises your vibration, clears your mind of negative emotions, and maintains you in manifestation mode. As we learned above, your energy creates your reality.

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Step 4: Recite Affirmations.

The fourth step in manifesting bumping into someone is to recite affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that you can repeat to yourself to gradually replace negative thoughts with more positive ones.

To begin, select any of the following affirmations that most resonate with you, or create your own, and use them to combat negative thoughts:

  1. I’m excited to see them again.
  2. I have complete control over my life.
  3. I’m going to meet her/him.
  4. I’m the one who creates my own reality.
  5. Right now, I am whole and complete.

If you’re new to the concept of affirmations, this guide will answer any questions you might have about practicing them.

The most important thing to remember is that affirmations work best when you truly believe what you’re saying. That’s why they should not be said just for the sake of saying them.

Choose a few that make you feel really good and repeat them to yourself every morning and night to raise your vibration and attract more positive outcomes into your life.

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Step 5: Let Go of the Outcome.

The final step is simply letting go and allowing your manifestation to come true.

Don’t spend too much time worrying about the outcome. When you obsess over the results, you’re expressing your disbelief in the Universe.

Do you believe the Universe will help you manifest running into *that* specific person if you do not believe in a higher power? I don’t think so…

Many people make the mistake of not letting go because they become obsessed with achieving their desired result.

Don’t be concerned about when, how, or where it will take place. Let go of the timeline and believe that it WILL happen.

The last thing you want to do is allow your attachment to a specific outcome to block your manifestation.

The most important lesson to take away from this is to be patient and simply trust that the Universe has your back.

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Although manifesting running into someone is possible, it will require a significant amount of effort on your part.

However, now that you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be more confident in manifesting it into reality.

In order to manifest bumping into someone, you have to ask the Universe, believe in it, and then let go of the outcome in the same way that you would any other desire you wish to manifest.

Happy manifesting!

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