15+ Flirty Responses to “How you doing?”


Have you ever received a text that simply said, “how you doing?”

Not sure how to respond?

We’ve got you covered with 15 flirty responses that are sure to make the conversation more interesting.

When someone asks, “how you doing?” your response can be a direct answer, like simply saying, “I’m good.”

However, as this phrase is often used to flirt, why not offer a little more of a flirty reply? A playful response such as “just surviving” or “hanging in there” can show that you are aware the question is posed to start something bigger.

For an extra cheeky answer, try phrases like “better now that you asked” or “why don’t you come over and find out” to let your conversation partner know you think they’re special.

No matter how you reply, flirty messages to “how you doing?” know no limits in expressiveness. Here are 15 flirty responses to “how you doing?”

What to reply to how are you doing?


In this day and age, it’s not uncommon to hear “how are you doing?” from many conversations.

Every person might have a different response to the question.

To give you some ideas on what to say, here are five replies that are sure to stick in your head:

  • Great – life is good!
  • Can’t complain, how about you?
  • Pretty good, thanks!
  • Better than expected.
  • Fantastic, and getting better all the time!

Each of these responses is sure to start a conversation and will surely keep people intrigued by your reply.

So next time you get asked, “How are you?”, you will be prepared with one of these five great options!

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“How you doing?” Flirty Replies


A simple, straightforward question like “how you doing?” can be a great way to get the conversation going with someone you’re interested in.

But sometimes, your response might feel a bit lackluster and uninspired.

If you’re looking for some creative ways to respond, read on for 15 flirty responses to “how you doing?”

  1. I’m better now that I’m talking to you!
  2. Just thinking about you.
  3. Oh, nothing much. Just waiting for you to ask me out.
  4. Couldn’t be better, except if I was with you right now.
  5. Doing great…are we still on for tonight?
  6. Pretty good, but I could use some company 😉
  7. Just finished my workout; how about you?
  8. Just got out of the shower; how about you?
  9. Doing alright, but could be much better if we were together right now…
  10. Nothing too exciting is happening, but it’s always nice talking with you!
  11. Fantastic – can’t wait until our date tonight!
  12. I’m wondering what you’re doing.
  13. I miss you.
  14. I’m about to have a shower. (wanna join?)
  15. Great – just thinking about yesterday (or the last time you went out)

If someone texts you, “how you doing?” don’t feel pressure for an immediate response. Take your time and craft something fun and flirty instead!

With these 15 responses, you’ll be ready the next time someone initiates a conversation with those three simple words — giving them something memorable that will keep the conversation going for hours (or even days!).

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Final Thoughts

Whether you choose one of these flirty responses or come up with something else entirely, there are many ways to express interest while simultaneously making someone feel appreciated and special at the same time.

Remember: being honest and authentic is always key when responding in any situation – especially when attempting flirtatious dialogue like this one!

Good luck out there!

We hope these responses help make all of your conversations a little more fun (and flirty)!

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