How to Manifest a Stranger with Law of Attraction in 5 Simple Steps


If you need help and support in fulfilling your desires, manifesting is a great way to make your dreams a reality.

But, can you manifest a stranger into your life? The answer is YES.

The truth is that we are constantly manifesting. Either intentionally or unintentionally, consciously or unconsciously. For better or worse.

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You have manifested everything in your life, including all circumstances, life lessons, and experiences.

Without exception, the Law of Attraction will apply to manifest a stranger.

Continue reading to learn how to manifest a stranger using the Law of Attraction in 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Get Crystal Clear on Why You Want to Manifest This Stranger.

The first step in manifesting someone without knowing their name is defining what you want and why you want it.

If you’re not clear about what you want, you’re sending mixed signals to the Universe.

As a result, you will experience unfavorable outcomes.

Highlight why and how you want to manifest this specific stranger, as well as how you’ll feel when you meet them in person.

Writing it down clarifies what you want and sends a crystal-clear sign to the Universe, where all possibilities are available for the taking.

Be as specific as possible.

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Step 2: Visualize As If You’re Meeting Them.

The second step in manifesting a stranger is through visualization.

So, using what you wrote down in step one, imagine your desire and how good it feels.

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths through your nose, and imagine how you’ll feel when you finally make contact with that specific someone.

You can set an intention to connect with them by visualizing making the connection.

Send energy to that person as if you were extending a ray of light from you to them.

Make sure you’re having a good time while you’re doing this.

Speak to the universe (or God, or whatever power you believe in) and express your desire to make contact with them and request that it be done for you.

Spend at least 10-15 minutes per day imagining yourself meeting them and experiencing the sensations that come with it.

Then get excited about it coming to you.

The more you practice this, the faster your manifestation will take place.

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Step 3: Witness your Limiting Beliefs.

The third step is to recognize your limiting beliefs that are negatively affecting your ability to manifest.

A limiting belief is a state of mind, conviction, or belief that you believe to be true and that restricts you in some way.

This limiting belief could be about you, your interactions with others, or the world and how it functions.

Limiting beliefs reduce your manifesting power by dragging your energy down into a low vibration state.

Some common limiting beliefs when you are trying to manifest a stranger into your life are:

  • I don’t control the outcome.
  • I am not in control of my reality.
  • There is no way I can possibly manifest this stranger.
  • It’s just not going to happen.

It becomes impossible the moment you begin to doubt and believe it is not possible.

Ignore the need of meeting this stranger, and focus on the aspects of yourself that make you happy.

This will raise your vibration, clear your mind of negative emotions, and keep you in the manifestation mode.

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Step 4: Recite Affirmations.

Positive affirmations are one of the most effective tools for overcoming limiting beliefs.

If you’re new to the concept of affirmations, affirmations are positive statements that you can repeat to yourself over and over until they become ingrained in your mind.

Start by repeating the following affirmations to replace negative self-talk with positive thoughts:

  1. I am ready to meet them again.
  2. I’m letting go of anything in me that doesn’t resonate with love.
  3. I am the creator of my own reality.
  4. Anything is possible.
  5. Absolutely everything is within my reach.
  6. I will meet her/him.

This guide will show you how to practice affirmations correctly.

Affirmations are most effective when you truly believe what you’re saying.

Affirmations should not be said just to be said.

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Step 5: Let Go of the Outcome.

The final step in manifesting a stranger to contact you is to let go of the outcome and let the Universe handle the rest.

That’s right, you have to detach yourself from the outcome and not care if you get to meet them or not.

Accept the fact that you will not be able to predict how and when it will arrive.

And now that you know it’s coming, you can let go of the obsession of wanting it and the restlessness of needing it.

But, in order to manifest anything, you have to trust the Universe.

So, maintain your confidence, visualize meeting them, and expect it to happen at any time.

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Although manifesting a stranger or someone you never met is possible, it will take considerable effort on your part.

But keep in mind that now that you know what you’re looking for, you’ll be more confident when you find it.

You are constantly manifesting. Whether you like it or not. It’s the Law of Attraction at work.

What you think about a lot, you create. So you might as well create on purpose.

Happy manifesting!

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