How to Stop Texting a Girl in 5 Easy Steps!

We’ve all been there: you like someone so much, but you’re too nervous to talk to them in person.

So what do you do? You text them. A lot.

And while it’s only natural to want to reach out and connect with someone you’re attracted to, sending too many texts can be a major turnoff.

If you find yourself texting that special person more than you should, read on for five simple steps on how to stop yourself from sending those “accidental” texts.

When you should stop texting a girl?


When it comes to texting a girl, there can be a lot of pressure!

You want to make sure you’re not coming on too strong or sending the wrong kind of message.

Knowing when to stop texting a girl isn’t always easy, but it’s important that you pay attention to her responses and find the right balance between cutting her off completely and annoying her with too much attention.

If she’s always responding quickly to your messages, then that’s a great sign.

But if she’s feeling overwhelmed by all the typing and taking longer and longer to respond, then it might be a good idea to slow down and take a break from texting for a while.

Alternatively, you could ask how she’s doing or let her know that if she needs anything, you are happy to lend a helping hand.

That way, you can still maintain contact without being overeager or intrusive in any way.

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If I Stop Texting Her, Will She Miss Me?


It’s natural to wonder if your absence is felt when you’re not around someone.

Ultimately, the answer to whether she will miss you if you stop texting her depends on your relationship with her and the level of affection that exists between the two of you.

If there’s been an effort to develop a deep and meaningful connection, she will likely miss hearing from you if your messages suddenly stop coming through.

On the other hand, if this is just a casual exchange of quick text messages, then it’s unlikely that any abrupt change in routine would make much of an impact.

Understanding how she values your relationship can help guide you as you decide how often or infrequently to contact her.

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How to Stop Texting a Girl You Like

If you’re trying to stop texting a girl you like for whatever reason, it can be a lot harder than it sounds.

You have to be prepared for the feeling of wanting to just send her a silly message or share a funny meme.

Here are 5 steps to take to stop texting the girl you like:

1. Put Your Phone Away.

When it comes time to decide whether or not you should send a text, the first thing you need to do is put your phone away.

This may sound obvious, but if your phone is within reach, it’s far too easy for your fingers to take over and send that text before your brain has had a chance to think it through.

Instead, find ways of distracting yourself away from the temptation of texting, like going for a walk, making a cup of tea, or calling up one of your friends and chatting about something else entirely.

2. Make a Pros/Cons List.

Writing down why texting that person isn’t going to help can be incredibly useful in cementing the fact that these messages are unhelpful and unnecessary in your mind.

Jot down some points, such as “I don’t know them well enough yet” or “This could make me look desperate/clingy,” and remind yourself why it’s best not to hit the Send button when the urge arises.

Also, put yourself in her shoes.

Would you like it if a girl texted you so much? Or would you feel overwhelmed and believe she is obsessed with you and has nothing else going on in her life?

That’s some food for thought…

3. Set Limits.

If writing a list isn’t quite cutting it for you, then try putting limits on how many times you can text this person per day, week, month, etc., depending on how severe the problem is for you personally.

This will give you an extra layer of accountability; after all, if there are only three texts left in the week, then you must use them wisely!

It’s easy to get into the habit of constantly checking for replies, but it’s important to remember that if someone really likes you, then they will make an effort to reach out.

So, put yourself and your dignity first.

4. Talk To Someone Else.

An important part of getting over any kind of feeling is talking about it with somebody who understands what we’re going through, even if it’s just speaking hypothetically about an imaginary situation!

Talking aloud allows us to process our thoughts more clearly and helps us gain perspective on what we’re feeling (and why).

Let them know how you’re feeling and explain why you want to stop texting that person, then ask if they can help hold you accountable so that you’re not tempted to text them again.

Talking also gives us time away from our phones, so we don’t feel pressed to send something we might regret later.

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5. Take Time Out.

Finally, taking time out from dating altogether can be incredibly helpful in clearing our heads when we have trouble controlling our impulses (in this case, texting) towards someone specific.

It doesn’t have to be forever — sometimes, just taking a break for two weeks or so can help reset things and give us back control over our actions when it comes time to interact with people again!

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Final Thoughts

If texting someone is causing more harm than good in your life, then these five simple steps should help you stop texting *that* girl!

  • Put your phone away when tempted,
  • Make lists outlining why these messages aren’t helpful,
  • Set limits on how often you’re allowed contact,
  • Talk things through with someone else,
  • And take some time out until everything feels manageable once more!

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that texting someone too much can be a major turn-off and could damage your chances with them in the long run

With practice, self-control, and discipline, you’ll soon find yourself able to keep your impulses in check when it comes to interacting with people, especially those special someones!

Sticking to these steps will help ensure that any future texts are sent consciously rather than impulsively! Good luck!

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