35 Funny Mean Things to Say to a Girl!


Words have immense power.

We’ve all been in an argument before, and what we say can have a long-lasting impact.

Whether it’s out of anger or revenge, these words have the potential to hurt someone deeply – especially when said to girls.

They can make you feel loved, appreciated, and valued, or they can tear a person down, making them question their worth.

Unfortunately, when it comes to girls – especially teenage girls – there are some words that cut more deeply than others.

While negativity should be avoided at all costs in any conversation with anyone, it’s especially important to know what not to say when talking to a girl, particularly those aged 13-17 who may be struggling with self-esteem issues related to body image or peer relationships.

In this blog post, we’ll look at 10 mean things people should never say to a girl, not only because they can cause immense emotional pain but also because they have serious consequences for the power dynamics between genders in society as a whole.

Mean things to say to a girl


We’ve all said something hurtful, whether in the heat of the moment or out of spite.

But some words can cause more damage than others.

That is why it is critical to choose your words carefully, especially if you are attempting to resolve a conflict with someone who will not listen to reason.

So here are 25 mean things to say to a girl that may have lasting consequences:

  • If you were more attractive, I’d date you.
  • There’s no way anyone could ever love you.
  • Women can’t drive.
  • Go make me a sandwich.
  • I’ve never seen someone as dumb as you.
  • Oh, so you’re just looks after all…
  • Are you sure you want to eat that?
  • You’re nothing without me.
  • You’re too ugly/fat to be worth my time.
  • I wish I’d never met you.
  • The only thing you can offer is your body.
  • You are too emotional/sensitive/overdramatic/needy/etc…
  • Your opinion doesn’t matter here./You don’t know what you’re talking about!
  • You shouldn’t have cut your hair that short, it makes you look fat.
  • Too bad you don’t have any balls to back up your claim.
  • That dress makes you look fat.
  • You look so much older than your age.
  • Your best friend and sister are way prettier than you.
  • Why do you wear so much makeup?
  • You’re ugly inside and out.
  • You are pretty smart, for a girl.
  • Oh, is it that time of the month again?
  • You’re pretty, but you’d be better if you lost a few pounds.
  • You’re not good enough for me.
  • I didn’t love you anyway.
  • I was pretending the whole time.

If you’re looking for a way to really hurt a woman, any of these 25 mean things to say will do the trick.

Just be sure that you’re prepared for the consequences if she retaliates – because she probably will. And believe us, you don’t want to see a wrathful woman in action.

So think twice before you open your mouth and say something you can never take back.

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Funny mean things to say to a girl


Everyone has that one female friend or partner who loves a good joke and can take a joke.

A hilarious insult or two might be just what she needs to lighten the mood, especially in times of stress.

The following is a list of 10 funny mean things you can use with your female friends or even your crush:

  • You’re so fake, you make Barbie look real!
  • You talk so much; I think everyone else should start paying you rent!
  • I’d give you a nasty look, but you already have one.
  • Wow, you have more drama than a soap opera!
  • The only thing missing from your face is intelligence!
  • Are those real teeth or did you borrow them from someone else?
  • If looks could kill, you’d already be dead.
  • You’re like a broken pencil: pointless.
  • I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain this to you on your level.
  • It’s a joke, not a d*ck, don’t take it so hard.

Insults can often seem mean-spirited or hurtful if said in the wrong context, but when used among close friends, they can actually bring people closer together by providing an opportunity for laughter and humor in otherwise stressful situations.

With these 10 funny insults specifically tailored towards women in mind, your female friends will enjoy getting poked fun at every once in a while – as long as they know it comes from love!

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Final Thoughts

No one deserves to be spoken to harshly or cruelly, especially not girls who are already dealing with sexism, misogyny, double standards, and so many other societal pressures on top of everything else going on in their lives right now (and always).

So the next time you find yourself about to say something mean or uncalled for out loud towards someone else (especially a female!), take some deep breaths before speaking – think twice first before engaging your mouth before your brain kicks in!

Remember: words have power, so use yours wisely!

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