15+ Flirty Responses to “Are you single?”


Being asked, “Are you single?” can be a nerve-wracking experience.

Whether you’re in the middle of a conversation or someone randomly asks you out of the blue, it can be challenging to respond.

But by responding with confidence and a bit of flirtation, you can show that you are interested and open to getting to know them better.

Here are 15 flirty responses that will help you answer this common question.

How do you respond when someone asks if you’re single?


Being asked about your relationship status is an awkward situation for many, but it isn’t always necessary to answer truthfully.

How you respond depends on the context of the question and your comfort level. A polite yet assertive answer can diffuse tension if you decide to provide an honest response.

For example, a simple “Actually, I am in a committed relationship” can stop further pleading without revealing too much information.

On the other hand, if you want to keep that part of your life private, there are plenty of ways to deflect the question politely.

Phrases such as “it’s complicated” or “I’d rather not discuss my relationship status at this time” are direct while maintaining respect and privacy.

Here are 10 responses to “are you single?”:

  1. Nah, I’m married.
  2. Yep, and I love it!
  3. I’m in a committed relationship.
  4. No, I’m actually looking for someone special.
  5. Yes, and I’m ready to mingle.
  6. I’m single by choice.
  7. No, I’m in a relationship right now.
  8. Yes, I’m taken by my work.
  9. I’d rather not discuss my relationship status at this time.
  10. I’m not single; I’m in a committed relationship with Netflix.

Of course, there is always the classic answer of either yes or no, depending on someone’s real status at that moment!

No matter your approach, what’s important is that you feel comfortable with your words and stand firm in your choice.

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Flirty Responses to Are you Single?


If you’ve been asked the dreaded “Are you single?” question, you know it can feel intimidating.

Whether the person asking is someone you just met or a close friend of yours, knowing how to respond with a flirty answer that doesn’t give away too much can be tricky.

So here are 15 fun and flirty responses to help you the next time someone asks if you’re single:

  • Yes, I am; why do you ask?
  • Depends on who’s asking.
  • For now…
  • That depends…are YOU single?
  • Let’s see how things go…
  • I’m not sure – why don’t you find out?
  • What do you think?
  • Why don’t we get to know each other better and then decide?
  • If I tell you, will you keep it between us?
  • Depends on who wants to know!
  • Maybe…Let’s go find out
  • It’s complicated…
  • I’m single…But I won’t be forever!
  • Sure am – care to join me?
  • I’m still deciding…what do YOU think I should do?

Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to react when someone asks you whether you’re single.

However, by using one of these 15 fun and flirty responses, engaging conversations with those around us will become easier than ever before!

So go ahead and have some fun the next time someone asks you whether you’re single with these answers; you never know how well they’ll go over!

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Final Thoughts

Being asked whether or not one is single can often feel awkward or uncomfortable; however, by responding with confidence and a bit of flirtation, one can show interest while remaining calm under pressure at the same time!

With these 15 flirty responses at hand next time someone asks, “Are you single?” being prepared never felt so good.

Who knows where things might go from here?

Only time will tell…good luck out there, everyone!

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