15+ Witty Comebacks for “Go Back to the Kitchen!”


It’s a classic sexist remark: “Go back to the kitchen.” It’s been used to put down women for centuries, and it’s still being used today.

But there are plenty of comebacks to this outdated and offensive remark.

By standing up for yourself, you’ll show everyone that you’re not going to be pushed around or told what to do.

Here is a list of the best comebacks for get back in the kitchen:

Comebacks for Go Back to the Kitchen


The next time someone tells you to “go back to the kitchen,” here’s what you can say in response.

First, you could point out that the kitchen is not a place; it’s a room in a house – and you could just as easily tell them to go back to the living room or the bedroom.

Second, you could ask why they think that being asked to do something in the kitchen is an insult. After all, isn’t the kitchen where all the food is prepared? And isn’t food necessary for survival?

Third, you could simply tell them that their sexist comment is not welcome and ask them to stop making such remarks.

Here are some witty comebacks for you belong in the kitchen:

  • What was that?
  • Never tell a woman to get back to the kitchen. That’s where the knives are.
  • That joke was funny five decades ago. Grow up.
  • True, true. How am I going to get the rat poison into your food otherwise?
  • Some of the greatest chefs in the world are men, so what’s your point?
  • Do you know why women live longer than men? Because the knives are kept in the kitchen.
  • Go fix my car.
  • Go chop some wood.

Many women are excellent cooks on multiple levels. Gender has no bearing on one’s ability to cook. The truth is that gender roles are becoming increasingly archaic in today’s society.

Despite what the media would have you believe, an increasing number of women now earn more than their husbands at work.

Women are more likely than men to complete a college degree. Does this mean that men don’t belong in college?

Consider the source of the comment, then move on.

Whatever comeback you choose, remember that you have the right to stand up for yourself – and don’t let anyone take away your power.

These comebacks show that women are strong, capable, and intelligent.

So the next time someone tells you to “go back to the kitchen,” just smile and give them one of these comebacks.

They’ll be eating their words in no time.

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Make me a Sandwich Comebacks

Though it may seem like a harmless request, the phrase “make me a sandwich” has become loaded with sexist connotations.

For many women, being asked to make a sandwich is a reminder of the traditional gender roles that they are expected to uphold. In response, many women have come up with clever comebacks to defuse the situation.

Some have simply replied with “no,” while others have taken a more humorous approach.

Here are some comebacks to use when someone asks you to make a sandwich:

  • As soon as you make me an orgasm.
  • Go make me some money.
  • Poof! You’re a sandwich!
  • I’ll make you a sandwich when you make me climax.
  • Go get me a divorce.
  • Don’t you have something to fix somewhere?

Whenever someone says “make me a sandwich,” they are really asking for a witty comeback. So make sure to deliver it!

By taking a stand against this everyday sexism, women are helping to challenge the status quo and build a more equal world.

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What does go make me a sandwich mean?

The phrase “go make me a sandwich” is often used as a way to dismiss someone, usually a woman, who is seen as being subservient.

The implication is that the person is not worth the speaker’s time and that their only worth is in making sandwiches.

This usage is considered sexist and demeaning, and so it is generally considered offensive.

There may also be a bit of irony in the phrase, in that making a sandwich is not typically considered to be a difficult or challenging task.

Thus, the speaker may be implying that the person they are speaking to is not even competent at making sandwiches. In any case, the phrase is generally seen as negative and should be avoided in polite conversation.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of comebacks to use when someone tells you to get back in the kitchen or to make them a sandwich.

No matter what comeback you choose to use, remember that you are a strong and powerful woman who deserves respect.

Use these comebacks to empower yourself and others around you.

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