How to Manifest Someone to Text You With the 369 Method


Learning how to manifest someone to text you with the 369 method consists of setting a clear intention and then writing a specific intention statement three times in the morning, six times in the afternoon, and nine times in the evening for 33 straight days.

The 369 Manifestation Method raises your energetic vibration by repeating positive affirmations.

It can help you in achieving vibrational alignment with your desire and then attract it into your reality through the Law of Attraction.

If you thrive on following routines when manifesting, the 369 manifestation method for a person is ideal for you.

Keep on reading to find out how to manifest someone to text you with the 369 method for a person.

Step 1: Create a Specific and Clear Intention.

The first step towards manifesting someone to text you is to get crystal clear on what you want to manifest and why.

If you don’t know what you want, you’re sending mixed signals to the Universe.

As a result, you will experience unfavorable results.

Remember that a confusing message never receives a clear response.

Journaling is the most effective way to clarify your desires. So, take out your journal and write down what you want to attract into your life and why.

Jot down the name of your specific person, then explain why you want them to text you.

For example, “I want {___} to text me, because…

Make your “why” as specific as possible, because it determines whether you attract positive or negative experiences.

When it comes to manifesting a text message, most people make one big mistake: they focus on how will it happen and when.

Don’t do that. Obsessing over your manifestation will actually block it.

Set that intention in stone and forget about the how or when.

Your only job is to decide from who you want to receive a text message AND to start building an image in your mind of what that text message might look like.

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Step 2: Create an Intention Statement.

Once you know exactly what you want and why you want to manifest it, you must turn it into an intention statement.

This is a brief and clear ‘affirmation’ that you can concentrate on to direct your thoughts and emotions toward the manifestation of your desires.

You must write this in your own words – words that are important to you.

Make sure you write it as if it were already a reality, with emotion and meaningful words that allow you to SEE yourself receiving that text from that special someone.

Here is an example:

“I, Sergios, am so grateful and happy to receive a text from {____} because she is the only person I want to talk to all the time. It makes me feel amazing and loved, and I’m worthy of it.”

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Step 3: Write your Affirmation 3 Times in the Morning.

For this, you’ll need a manifestation journal, which I recommend keeping with you at all times for the next 33 days.

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but if you believe it will help you stay consistent with this manifestation method, go for it.

I suggest not using your computer or your phone.

Writing down your intention is very important because there is a connection between writing it, seeing it, and visualizing that typing does not provide.

So, grab your journal and write your intention statement three times as soon as you wake up in the morning – before you do anything else.

The key is to be present, completely shut out all other thoughts, and concentrate solely on what you’re writing.

Allow the words to create images in your mind and truly BE in that future reality where you have already received that text from that specific person.

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Step 4: Write your Affirmation 6 Times in the Afternoon.

You will now write your affirmation six times.

It will most likely take more time to really focus on the intention because your mind will have many more distractions to deal with than it did in the morning.

You will inevitably face challenges and distractions throughout the day, so set aside 15 minutes in the middle of the day to ‘switch off.’

But if your desire and your “why” is strong enough, you’ll find the time and willpower to do it. We find time for the things that matter to us.

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Step 5: Write your Affirmation 9 Times Before Bed.

You will now write your affirmation 9 times before going to bed.

This allows you to dedicate more time to focusing on and visualizing the text from that specific person.

More time spent on your intention statement is frequently required, and it also serves another purpose.

When this is the last thing your mind thinks about before going to bed, it allows your subconscious to focus on your desire while you sleep.

This is a powerful strategy, and most people think about everything that is wrong or could go wrong before falling asleep.

Their subconscious will then dwell and focus on all of their negative thoughts all night.

You should direct your thoughts. Decide what you want your subconscious to create and instruct it on how to do so.

In Summary

With that being said, you now know how to manifest someone to text you with the 369 manifestation method for a specific person.

The Law of Attraction is all about attracting more of what we focus on into our lives.

In other words, if we focus on something long enough, or visualize it as already being ours – whether it’s a car or a text message– we will see those thoughts come true by taking action to make it happen.

Happy manifesting!

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