Can You Manifest Revenge/Karma on Others? {Explained}


Many people have manifested great things into their lives, such as marriage with a specific person, changing the weather, meeting a celebrity, and even better eyesight.

But, can you manifest revenge on others?

Yes, you can manifest revenge, but it is highly unlikely that it will work in your favor.

Manifestation requires your focus because the one who focuses is the one who receives.

As a result, focusing on someone else experiencing pain in some shape or form will almost certainly result in you experiencing pain because the energy came from you rather than them.

Let’s dive in.

Want to Manifest Revenge? Here’s What Might Happen.

You are a magnet, attracting whatever you think about.

You can’t manifest negativity without bringing it into your own life.

From the standpoint of the Law of Attraction, manifesting revenge actually contradicts the concepts of manifesting and may cause a lot of conflict in your life.

Seeking revenge is a negative vibration according to the Law of Attraction because it stems from anger and hatred.

You’re only causing yourself harm by doing this.

Remember that manifesting is nothing more than a conversation between you and your higher power (God, Spirit, Universe, whatever you wish).

You are asking for positive experiences from your higher power, and the more effort you put into being aligned with what you want, the more likely it will come your way.

If you plan to get revenge on that particular person, you will attract all negative thoughts and may manifest all of the negative things on yourself.

I understand how difficult it is to let go of your rage toward someone who has harmed you badly, but in order to move forward, you must try to let it go.

Allow Karma to do its work.

Do you want revenge? Make certain that the person who has hurt you sees you as happy and prosperous.

This is the best advice I can give you.

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Can You Manifest Karma on Someone?

Yes, you can manifest karma on someone. In fact, you can manifest almost anything.

When we want to “manifest” something, we simply guide our energy in that direction: we direct our thoughts, emotions, willpower, and actions of speech, senses, and body.

If you believe in manifestation, you must also believe in Karma, chakras, and other aspects of spirituality. Karma is inherently neutral energy, which is why we speak of “bad” or “good” karma.

Karma is nothing more than cause and effect, based on the needs of creation to maintain balance in order to move forward in a healthy manner.

Wishing unpleasant things for others brings you into contact with negative, bad karma.

So you may wish for someone to lose their job, and when karma comes back to bite you, the consequences may be even worse for you.

The only person you will harm with your actions is yourself.

Even if we don’t intervene, everyone gets the karma they deserve.

If we choose to intervene, we create karma for ourselves, which can be good or bad for us, depending not only on our intentions but also on the outcomes.

So, I highly suggest not to manifest bad karma or bad things for others, since it will come back to haunt you.

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Can You Manifest Someone to Get Hurt?


Although you can manifest bad things for others and cause someone to get hurt, you must consider the consequences. It is dangerous to ask the universe to harm someone else.

It’s as if you’re daring the universe to make you pay for all the wrongs you’ve done.

We reap what we sow, and if we wreak havoc on someone with our thoughts, the negative energy will be returned to us several times more intensely.

Rather than manifesting harm to someone in a specific situation, manifest something beneficial and positive for yourself instead.

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Although it is possible to manifest revenge on someone who has mistreated you, it is not recommended.

Revenge isn’t the answer, and you know on some level that you’re hurting yourself by seeking revenge.

Your thoughts are what shape your reality. If you think negatively, guess what, it will shape your reality.

You’re essentially inviting bad things to happen to you.

If you’re okay with that, go ahead and do it.

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