Can You Manifest While High? {Answered!}


Wondering if you can manifest while being high? The answer is yes, it is possible to manifest while high.

Despite the many mixed reviews, drugs, like marijuana, are tools and can be used as such.

They can strengthen your energy output during practice.

Marijuana heightens your current emotional state and draws your attention to deeper subconscious patterns and feelings.

Keep on reading to find out if you can manifest while high and the potential side-effects of using marijuana when manifesting.

Can Marijuana Help With Manifesting?


Marijuana can definitely be beneficial in terms of increasing one’s energy level to a certain point, which in terms, makes manifesting easier.

However, one must listen to their intuition and recognize when it becomes an addiction or a hindrance and no longer serves them (for instance, if weed makes you anxious, etc.)

Although marijuana itself isn’t a key to manifestation, or anything else, some people just find that it puts them in a more relaxed, focused state of mind.

For others, weed is a detriment to the process.

Treat it as you would any other practice, and explore it thoughtfully.

You may or may not feel the need to use marijuana for Law of Attraction in the future- and you don’t need to rely on anyone’s methods or tools to manifest, as manifestation is a natural occurrence.

According to a Himalayan Yogi, marijuana is like a tool that is neither good nor bad. It is determined by the user and the intent of the energy.

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Is Marijuana Needed for Manifesting?


Marijuana has the ability to open your mind, raise your vibration, and awaken your consciousness.

But it’s not the only way to reach this state, nor is it necessary to manifest.

There is no external drug of any kind required for any type of meditation or manifesting.

The whole point of manifestation is simply acquiring the energy of what you want to feel and then being, living, and believing in that experience.

And finally, letting that experience take shape.

Manifesting, in order to be real and effective, requires a clear, sober mind.

Use what you learn while high, but realize that the conscious, sober you, is the best and most capable version of yourself.

If you feel like you need to smoke to manifest, then smoke and enjoy it. If you do, don’t hold it against yourself; just don’t live life high all day, every day.

Be aware that, the use of mind-altering drugs can be a severe self-limitation to manifestation.

By telling yourself that you can reach new heights of enlightenment or manifestation or inspiration by using an external substance, you’re simultaneously telling yourself and the universe that you can’t reach those heights without it.

You’re unintentionally creating a reality in which you are a limited being that can’t reach higher emotional states without the use of weed.

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The Law of Attraction, and manifestation in general, is all about focus and visualization.

When you’re high, if you can keep your focus and live the visualization of your new car, new home, or whatever you want to manifest, that’s a good thing.

If, however, you find it makes you floaty and fuzzy, with less ability to focus, it may not be so useful for you.

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