How to Do the 1:11 Manifestation Method in 5 Simple Steps


The 1:11 or 11×1 manifestation method has recently gained popularity on TikTok and Instagram, so I wanted to explain it all to you.

This blog post will teach you how to use the 1×11 method to manifest your desires in 5 simple steps.

The 1×11 manifestation method consists of setting a clear intention and then writing a specific affirmation statement 11 times in the morning, and 11 times in the evening before bed for 11 days straight.

The idea behind this method is that it harnesses the power of the angel number 111, which is thought to be especially powerful for manifesting your thoughts and dominant vibration.

According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like.

As a result, by repeatedly writing down a positive affirmation, you become a vibrational match for what you want and attract it into your life.

Use the 1×11 manifestation method to manifest what you want by following these 5 steps.

Step 1: Get Crystal Clear on What you Want to Manifest and Why.

The first step to using the 1×11 manifestation method is to jot down one thing you’d like to manifest.

Let’s be honest: it’s difficult to manifest something when you have a million thoughts racing through your mind.

To attract the experiences you desire, you must first know exactly what you want and why you want it.

Remember that a confusing message never receives a clear response.

So, grab a journal and write down exactly what you want to manifest at this time, and also the reasons behind this desire.

For example, if you want to manifest someone to miss you, at the top of your page, write “I want to manifest {____} to miss me.”

And then, list out all of the reasons you want to manifest them to miss you. The “why” is very important in this step, because it determines whether you’ll attract positive or negative experiences.

If your desire to manifest something is backed up by positive energy, like happiness, love, and joy, you will manifest positive results.

However, if your desire is supported by negative energy, like jealousy and or envy, then you will experience negative results.

So, be as specific as possible.

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Step 2: Get a Journal and Schedule 11 Days Ahead. (Starting from Tomorrow)

The second step is pretty straightforward. Now that you know what you want to manifest, all you have to do is to get a journal and schedule 11 days ahead. One page per day. Pretty simple right?

This will ensure you two things. First, you are preparing yourself mentally and physically for the 1×11 manifestation method.

I like to think of it as a test of my desire and willpower and see if I can make it through the entire 11-day period.

Second, because you are tracking your progress, it will motivate you to complete the challenge when you see how far you’ve come and how many times you’ve written that affirmation down.

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Step 3: Create your Own Affirmation/Intention.

The third step in implementing the 1×11 Method is to select an affirmation that combines your desire with your positive emotions.

If you’ve completed steps 1 and 2, you’re almost halfway to creating your own affirmation.

I recommend that you write your own affirmation because no one knows you or your desire better than you!

Write it as if it were already a part of your life, and make sure the statement makes you visualize it in your mind.

Affirmations are only effective when they are positive, written in the present tense, and are about you.

Following our previous example, instead of writing, “I want to manifest them to miss me so I can feel loved and happy,” write, “I feel so happy and loved, and I am grateful that they think about me every day.”

Or, “I feel so happy that I know {____} misses me and wants me.”

The more positive energy you put into your affirmation, the closer you’ll get to your goal of vibrational alignment.

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Step 4: Write Your Affirmation 11 Times in the Morning and 11 Times Before Bed for the Next 11 Days.

The fourth step to using the 1×11 manifestation method is to write your affirmation 11 times in the morning, 11 times before going to sleep for 11 days straight.

That may seem like a lot, but I promise it will be worth it once your desire manifests.

You become more vibrationally aligned with your desire each time you write out the affirmation.

Pay close attention to the words you’re writing each time you write the affirmation: what they mean, how they make you feel, and what they represent coming into your life.

Remember that manifesting is all about gathering the energy of the experience you want to have and then being, living, and believing in it.

Finally, give that experience time to develop.

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Step 5: After Writing Down your Affirmations, Picture In Your Head How Good it Feels.

The final step to using the 1×11 method is to visualize your affirmation after you’ve finished writing them down.

So, you wake up in the morning, do your typical morning routine, and then you write your affirmation down 11 times in your journal.

After that, take a step back and imagine how it would feel if your affirmation were to come true.

Then, you do the same thing with your evening affirmations. Repeat that for 11 days.

You are now in vibrational alignment with your desire after writing your affirmation 11 times in the morning and 11 times before bed over the course of 11 days.

This means that your desire will come true in the near future. So, all that remains is for you to let go and let the Universe deliver the outcome that is best for you.

You should now take a break for a few days after your 11 days are up.

Find out where you are in terms of vibration. Then make another 11-day commitment. Or move over to the 33×3 manifestation method.

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In Summary

Using the 1×11 method is a really fun and quick process; 11 days is not a long time to manifest and you will be surprised with the results.

Forget about ‘how long’ something might take to manifest and focus solely on increasing your vibration.

So to sum up, the steps of the 11×1 manifestation method are:

  1. Pick one thing to manifest.
  2. Schedule 11 days ahead in your journal.
  3. Choose a powerful affirmation that resonates with you.
  4. Write it out 11 times when you wake up, 11 times before bed for 11 consecutive days.
  5. Visualize your Affirmation.

Happy manifesting!

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