What Does it Mean When a Guy Unlikes your Picture?


We’ve all been there. You post a picture on Instagram, and you get a notification that someone has liked it.

Your heart starts pounding as you eagerly check to see who it is…only to find that it’s your ex or the new guy you like and talk to.

And then, a few minutes later, you get another notification that he’s unliked your picture.

Why would a guy like then unlike your picture?

What does it mean? Is he trying to send you a message?

Is he no longer interested in you? Did he just accidentally like it in the first place?

Let’s investigate.

What does it mean when someone likes and then unlikes your photo on Instagram?


There could be any number of reasons why a guy unliked your picture. In the case of an ex, maybe he was scrolling through his feed, saw your picture, and realized that he’s still not over you.

Or maybe he was just trying to be polite by liking your picture in the first place but then decided that it was too painful to see reminders of you every time he checked his Instagram feed.

Another possibility is that he’s trying to make you jealous. If your ex unlikes your picture, there’s no need to overanalyze it.

Just remember that he has the right to like and unlike whatever pictures he wants, just like you do.

If you’re still curious about his motives, though, there’s no harm in sending him a direct message and asking him why he did it. Just be prepared for whatever answer he gives you.

Here are some possible explanations why someone liked and then unliked your photo:

1. He had accidentally liked it in the first place.

We’ve all been guilty of mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds and liking everything we see without really looking at it.

If you notice that the person who unliked your picture is someone who likes pretty much everything, it’s likely that they accidentally hit the like button in the first place and then realized their mistake later on.

No harm, no foul. Just chalk it up to them being a little scatterbrained and move on.

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2. He changed their mind about liking it later on.

We’ve all had that moment where we second-guess ourselves after hitting the like button on something.

Maybe you liked a picture because you were feeling generous, but then you realized that you don’t actually have anything nice to say about it.

Or maybe you hit the like button by accident (it happens!).

In any case, if someone unlikes your picture shortly after liking it, there’s a good chance that they just changed their mind for one reason or another—no big deal.

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3. He’s sending you a message.

Sometimes, people will unlike your pictures as a way of sending you a subtle message, usually because they’re upset about something or they don’t approve of what you’re doing.

By unliking your picture, he knows that you’ll see the notification and wonder why he did it.

This could be his way of getting your attention; and making you realize that you’re still not over him, either.

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Why would someone unlike my photo on Instagram?


It’s always nice when someone double-taps your photo on social media, showing their appreciation for your post. But what happens when they then proceed to unlike it?

This could mean a few things. Perhaps they accidentally double-tapped and realized their mistake. Or, maybe they had second thoughts about publicly showing their approval of your photo.

It could even be that the person who liked your photo is being controlled by someone else, who told them to unlike it.

Regardless of the reason, it’s important not to read too much into someone liking and then unliking a photo. Social media algorithms can also sometimes cause likes and unlikes to appear out of nowhere.

The important thing is that you focus on enjoying the posts you share instead of fixating on whether others approve or not.

In the end, opinions vary, and there will always be people who hit like…and then unlike. Just keep on posting for yourself and let the likes (and unlikes) fall where they may.

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Final Thoughts

No matter the reason, there’s no need to overanalyze when someone unlikes your picture on Instagram.

Just remember that they have the right to like and unlike whatever pictures they want, just like you do.

If you’re still curious about their motives, though, there’s no harm in sending them a direct message and asking them why they did it. Just be prepared for whatever answer they give you.

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