7 Clear Law of Attraction Signs You’re Manifesting your Ex Back!


I understand how frustrating it can be to feel like you’re just waiting for your manifestation efforts to pay off.

I’ve been there.

We all have that one ex who still lingers in the back of our minds, even after months or years apart.

We try to move on with life, but we just can’t seem to let them go for some reason.

As a result, you may find yourself daydreaming about what could have been or thinking about how you wish things were different between the two of you.

Well, whether you realize it or not, this could be a sign that your thoughts are actually manifesting something – your ex!

Manifestation is an incredibly powerful tool, and understanding its science can open up a world of possibilities when it comes to getting what you want out of life.

Sometimes all we want is confirmation that what we’ve been working on is on its way.

So, how do you know when your ex is about to manifest?

Ideally, you will begin to receive clear signs from the universe that your manifestation is on its way. But you have to keep an eye on them because you might miss them if you don’t pay enough attention.

Keep reading to discover the 7 obvious signs you’re manifesting your ex back.

7 Clear Signs You’re Manifesting your Ex Back


It’s been a while since you’ve seen them, but somehow they’re still on your mind.

Every time you see someone who looks remotely like them, you get that same feeling in your stomach and butterflies in your chest.

You start to wonder when your manifestation will occur, and you’ll finally be together. Breakups can be incredibly painful.

You may feel as if you’ve lost a piece of yourself that you’ll never be able to reclaim.

However, with these clear signs that your ex is coming back using the Law of Attraction, you might just have an old flame returning your way!

Sign 1: You’re Experiencing Synchronicities.

Synchronicities are kind of a blanket term that covers several different things, but it boils down to messages that you’re receiving from the universe that comes in different forms and seem to be appearing in your life on a repetitive basis.

Alternatively, if you’re lucky, it could be one very clear, direct message that stands out from the rest and makes an impression, like a text message from your ex or running into them in a place where they don’t usually hang out and asking you out for coffee.

But I feel like the more common ones that you come across are the repetitive messages like angel numbers, words that have a special meaning, animals, objects, getting into a cab, and the radio playing your favorite song!

Synchronicities are things that happen in your life that appear to be coincidences but aren’t because of the repetitive nature and symbolism behind them and how they tie in with what you’re trying to manifest (your ex!).

When you notice synchronicities in your life, use them to express your gratitude and appreciation to the Universe.

Believe that every synchronicity and miracle brings you closer to your ex manifesting back into your life.

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Sign 2: You Receive Signs from the Universe.

Signs that appear just before manifestation are a common way for the Universe to communicate that our desires are close at hand.

For example, you might find yourself seeing your ex in unusual places all of a sudden.

When we want something badly enough, we will see it happen, whether consciously or unconsciously, so don’t be surprised if these things start happening to you! This clearly indicates to the Universe that you are on the right track.

You could also ask the Universe for a specific sign. For example, you could ask the Universe, “Universe, please show me a (______) in the next 24 hours if my manifestation is close.”

If you receive the sign you requested, it will clearly indicate that you are on the verge of manifestation.

Make it a habit to be fully aware of your surroundings at all times, or you may miss a sign.

Practice mindfulness to ensure that you are alert to any signs that the Universe may send your way.

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Sign 3: You Start Dreaming About Your Ex.

The third sign is that you see your manifestation in your dreams.

So not only does the Universe reassure you that your manifestation is coming when you’re conscious, but it can also do it when you’re unconscious.

I don’t dream often, and when I do, I don’t remember much of it, but there have been times when I was manifesting a specific person into my life, and they appeared in my dreams, and the almost exact scenario happened in real life a few days or weeks later. Scary.

To me, dreaming about your ex, it’s a vivid sign that you are on your way to getting back with your ex. You can also go a bit further and manifest your ex to dream about you too!

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Sign 4: You Start to See Happy Couples ALL the Time.

The next sign that indicates that your manifestation is close is that you are seeing happy couples ALL.THE.TIME.

And when you see happy couples, you don’t feel envious or jealous; instead, you feel positive emotions for them, such as happiness or joy.

Two possible things can happen when you start seeing happy couples:

  1. You feel jealous and lonely, and you go into a downward spiral of negative thinking: “We’re not together yet; he/she will never come back to me; it takes forever to manifest them.” This means that you are not yet sure about your manifestation, and you have resistance against it.
  1. You view this sign as an indication that you’ll soon be in a happy relationship with your ex and that this will soon become your reality.

Which of the two is a good sign that you are manifesting your ex’s return? Of course, it’s the second one.

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Sign 5: You Have a Gut Feeling About It.

Similarly, you may have a strong intuition that your desire is on its way to you.

You may not be able to explain why you are feeling this way; you simply “have a feeling.”

When you have this sensation, trust that it is your intuition picking up on subtle cues from the Universe that your conscious mind cannot.

When you get a feeling that you can’t explain, it’s a sign that manifestation is near. Have faith in it.

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Sign 6: You Don’t Obsess Over the Outcome.

The sixth sign that your manifestation is near is that you are completely detached from the outcome.

One of the most significant barriers to manifesting your desires, not just an ex, is trying to control the outcome of a manifestation.

When you obsess over a particular outcome, you are telling the Universe that you do not believe in the divine plan.

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Sign 7: You Believe It’s a Done Deal.

The final sign is that you just know your manifestation is feeling like you’re already back together with your ex.

Have you ever been in a situation in the past where you were absolutely certain that something was going to happen, and it ended up happening for you?

That’s what I’m talking about here. You are so confident, so self-assured despite everything that might be going on; you know that you’re meant to be back together with your ex.

It’s this certainty that you’re meant for it, and despite the odds, despite feeling like things aren’t going your way, you have this deep inner knowing that you’re 100 percent manifesting your ex back into your life.

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In Summary

I hope that these 7 signs you’re manifesting your ex back provide you with reassurance to continue on your manifestation journey with less stress and more confidence.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with any of these signs your ex is coming back law of attraction, if you have any!

Happy manifesting!

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