How to Reply to “Sup” in a Flirty Way (15+ Flirty Responses to What’s up)


You’re scrolling through social media, looking for someone to text. Then you see it, the dreaded “what’s up?” text.

You know that this means a conversation is about to ensue, and you want to make sure it’s flirty and fun!

Responding to “wassup” doesn’t have to be boring or generic.

Sure, you could go with the classic “not much, what about you?” but why not take it up a notch and reply in a way that shows off your playful side?

So, how do you respond? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

This post contains 15 flirty responses to “wassup” that will have your chat partner swooning in no time.

With flirty replies like these, showing someone how much fun interacting with them can be is easier than ever.

Keep reading this post for some of our favorite ideas on how to respond to “sup” in an exciting and flirty way!

How to Reply to Sup in a Flirty Way


It’s no secret that texting can be a great way to flirt.

Texting is a convenient, low-pressure way of getting to know someone and flirting with them.

But what do you do when you get the dreaded “wassup” text? Fear not!

Responding to a “sup” in a flirty way takes some finesse. An entertaining and creative response will show your interest in the person you are conversing with.

For added effect, add a few playful emojis or gifs; they’ll definitely make your message stand out.

Have some fun with it, and don’t take it too seriously; if you come off as confident, then the other person will be sure to respond in kind.

Here are 15 flirty responses to wassup or sup:

  1. Just thinking about you.
  2. Hey there handsome/beautiful!
  3. Nothin’ much, just hoping for a text from you 😉
  4. Oh, nothing much…just wishing I was spending the day with you instead 😉
  5. Heyyyy there cutie! What’s up?
  6. Just trying to figure out how I’m gonna spend my day without you 🤔
  7. Hey there gorgeous! Wassup?
  8. Just wishing I could be with you right now.
  9. Me? Nothing much! How about you?
  10. Hey there, handsome/beautiful 👋🏼 What can I do for you today?
  11. Just hanging out here… but I’d rather be hanging out with you.
  12. Just got out of the shower, what about you?
  13. Nothing, just chilling… wanna join me?
  14. Not much… just thinking about all the things we could get into together.
  15. I’m a little tense right now. Can you help me relax?

There are so many ways to flirt with someone over text messages these days; it doesn’t have to be complicated!

All it takes is a little creativity and confidence (plus maybe an emoji or two!). Hopefully, these 15 flirty responses can inspire you next time someone texts “wassup?” or “sup”

And don’t forget, have fun with it! Flirting should always be lighthearted and enjoyable for both parties involved.

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Best Sup Reply in Chat

When someone says ‘sup’ or ‘what’s up’ in chat, they are asking for an update on how you’re doing or what you’re up to.

It’s a casual and friendly greeting, often used between friends or acquaintances.

If someone greets you with ‘sup’, there are several ways you can respond depending on your relationship with the person and the context of the conversation.

Here are some examples of sup replies:

  1. “Not much, just chilling. How about you?”
  2. “Hey, not much. How was your day?”
  3. “Just hanging out. What’s new with you?”
  4. “Hey, I’m good. How about you?”
  5. “Just got home from work. How’s it going with you?”

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Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got a few flirty responses to “wassup” under your belt, it’s time to put them to the test.

Texting is an easy way to let your crush know they’re on your mind and show them how confident and creative you are when flirting—so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it!

So go forth and text with confidence, knowing that you’ve got this (and anyone who tries to come at you with meager small talk).

With these 15 flirty responses, your admirer won’t know what hit them—and they’ll be sure to keep coming back for more!

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