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15+ Flirty Responses to “Where are you?”

15+ Flirty Responses to “Where are you?”

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So you’ve been on a few dates with someone you like, and things are looking promising.

Perhaps there was an initial flirty conversation, but now you’re trying to think of a flirty response to a “where are you” text?

Your date wants to stay in touch and let you know they’re thinking about you, but they’re at a loss for words.

So now you’re faced with that vague and open-ended text: “Hey, where are you?”

After all, do you want to give them an exact location and risk having them show up unannounced?

Or do you want to be vague and hope they get the hint that you’re not interested in the company?

Luckily, there’s a third option: you can flirt back with a clever response that leaves just enough to the imagination.

The next time someone texts you asking “where are you?” try one of these flirty responses:

Flirty Responses to “Where are you?”


You’re texting with someone you’re interested in, and they suddenly ask, “Where are you?”

While this might seem like a simple question, it can actually be quite loaded. Are they asking for your location so they can come and meet up with you?

Or are they just curious about where you are at the moment?

Either way, you’ll want to give a flirty response that shows you’re interested in spending more time with them.

Here are a few playful and flirty responses to use next time someone asks you, “Where are you?”:

  • Home, alone…
  • I wish you were with me!
  • I’m thinking about you…
  • I’m out exploring new places! What are you up to tonight?
  • I’m out with some friends, but I wish you were here with me.
  • I’m at home, but I’m feeling kind of lonely…
  • I’m just a text message away.
  • I’m starting to think you’re stalking me. Come find me.
  • I’m just thinking about you and wondering where you are.
  • Why? What’d you have in mind?
  • I’m at the library/cafe/restaurant, come join me!
  • Just finished my workout, want to join me for a shower?
  • I’m at home. Wanna come over?
  • I’m home… in my bed.
  • I’m in your head apparently 😉

By responding with one of these flirty responses, you’ll let them know that you’re thinking about them without giving away too much information.

So go ahead and enjoy your night out – your secret is safe with us.

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Final Thoughts

Take a deep breath and respond with one of these flirty responses the next time someone sends you a “Where are you” text.

You might be surprised at how effective they are! And who knows what else? Perhaps you’ll even start a new relationship with this person.

Whatever your answer may be, make sure to keep it light and fun. After all, that’s what online dating is all about!

So next time someone asks “where are you?” don’t just tell them where you are, use it as an opportunity to flirt with them!

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