15+ Comebacks when Someone Calls you a Hypocrite!


Being called a hypocrite is never a pleasant experience.

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or complete stranger, the accusation can leave you feeling hurt and defensive.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to stay calm and respond in a way that will diffuse the situation.

In this post, there are a few good comebacks you can use next time someone calls you a hypocrite.

Let’s get started.

What do you say when someone calls you a hypocrite?


It’s always frustrating when someone calls you a hypocrite, especially if you know it isn’t true.

Whether it’s because we’re actually behaving hypocritically or because the other person is misinterpreting our actions, it can be difficult to know how to respond.

When it comes to being called a hypocrite, there are a few different ways you can respond.

One option is to simply deny the accusation.

This can be effective if you are genuinely not a hypocrite and you are able to provide evidence to back up your claim.

Another option is to own up to your hypocrisy and explain why you are still deserving of respect despite your flaws.

This approach can be helpful if you are trying to build trust with someone or if you want to show that you are willing to be honest about your shortcomings.

Finally, you could choose to ignore the accusation altogether and focus on something else. This might be the best option if the person who called you a hypocrite is not worth your time and energy.

No matter which approach you take, remember that being called a hypocrite is not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, it can sometimes be a sign that you are doing something right.

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Comebacks when someone calls you a hypocrite


Being called a hypocrite is never fun. It’s an accusation that can leave you feeling defensive and on the spot.

If you’re ever accused of being a hypocrite, here are some witty comebacks that will help you preserve your dignity and keep the conversation going:

  • I’m not a hypocrite, I just have two different standards for the people I care about.
  • That sounds more like an opinion than a fact.
  • I’m not a hypocrite, I’m just being honest.
  • I am many things, but a hypocrite is not one of them.
  • I’m not a hypocrite, I just hold myself to a higher standard than other people.
  • I learn from the best, and by that, I mean you.
  • Your a** must be pretty jealous of all the sh*t that comes out of your mouth.
  • Says the one who is currently being hypocritical.
  • You’re just upset because the truth hurts.
  • I understand your frustration, but please do not call me names.
  • Just because I don’t agree with you doesn’t mean I’m a hypocrite.
  • Are you calling me a hypocrite, or are you just saying that you don’t believe me?
  • It is not my fault that you do not believe the facts.
  • I’m sorry; I didn’t realize you were an expert in everything.
  • You must be exhausted from all that running your mouth.

Finally, you could ask your accuser to give you an example of when you were being a hypocrite.

This gives them a chance to cool down and also allows you to explain yourself if there was actually a misunderstanding.

Whatever comeback you choose, remember to stay calm and avoid getting defensive.

Getting defensive will only make things worse. And who knows – maybe your accuser will learn something from the exchange as well!

By doing so, you will be more likely to diffuse the situation and maintain a civil conversation.

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Final Thoughts

Despite your best efforts, there will always be people in your life who will call you a hypocrite.

Whether it’s because you’re human and make mistakes, or because they’re looking for an easy way to dismiss your opinions, it can be hurtful and frustrating.

With these comebacks, you are now ready for the next time someone calls you a hypocrite.

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