What Does it Mean When a Guy Says “Goodnight You”?


Have you ever received a text from a guy that said, “goodnight you” and you weren’t quite sure what to make of it?

Was he being flirty or just friendly?

Is he trying to be romantic, or is he just being polite?

Understanding how to interpret this common phrase could help you better understand the underlying meaning of any message sent your way.

So let’s take a closer look at what it means when a guy says, “goodnight you.”

“Goodnight You” Meaning


When someone sends you a “goodnight you” text, what they are trying to say is that they care about you and want to be the last person in your thoughts before bed. It’s a flirty way of saying “goodnight”.

It is an intimate gesture that implies there is something more than friendship between the two of you.

While this phrase can have different meanings depending on the context, most often, it implies that there is some sort of romantic connection.

In other words, if someone sends you this phrase as part of their good night message, chances are they are interested in pursuing something more than just friendship with you.

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Flirting vs Friendliness

It can be difficult to tell whether someone is being friendly or flirty when they send such messages, but there are usually specific cues that will give away the true intention behind the words.

For example, if you’ve been getting to know this guy and he asks you how your day was or what you did do today, and then he closes the conversation with a “goodnight you” text, it means that he is flirting.

On the other hand, if you receive this message from your guy best friend, whom you’ve known for years, says it, he could be saying it in a friendly tone and not flirting.

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How to reply to “Goodnight you”


Wishing someone a good night is always nice, and even more so when there’s a bit of extra flirting thrown in.

A simple yet still flirty response to the phrase “goodnight you” would be to say something like “Aw, sweet of you”.

Here are some replies to “goodnight you”:

  • Sweet dreams!
  • Goodnight to you too.
  • Try not to have dreams about me 😉
  • Goodnight, talk to you tomorrow 😊

Whatever response you choose, make sure it reflects your feelings for the other person and your interest in them.

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Final Thoughts

No matter what type of relationship dynamic exists between two people, a simple “goodnight you” text can certainly mean different things depending on the context and intent behind it.

At its core, though, this gesture typically means care and concern for one another, which you should never take lightly!

So next time someone sends this phrase your way, take some extra time for yourself before jumping to conclusions; after all, only then will both parties truly be able to determine how best to move forward together!

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