22+ Witty Comebacks for Hoes


We all know them, those girls who are always trying to get with every guy they see.

They’re the ones who are always dressed a little too provocatively and always flirting, even when they’re in a relationship.

They’re the hoes. And while it’s easy to hate them, sometimes they can be hard to ignore.

Whether they’re spreading rumors or insulting your appearance or personality, these so-called “hoes” can be some of the nastiest and most disrespectful people around.

So what do you do when you’re faced with one of these girls?

Luckily, there are plenty of clever comebacks for hoes that you can use to put these mean girls in their place.

Let’s get started.

Good Comebacks for Hoes


Hoes are low-down, dirt-slinging creatures who have nothing better to do than tear others down.

They can be a major pain, always trying to stir up trouble and making cliquey comments to cut you down to size.

Don’t let them get the best of you!

There are lots of clever comebacks that you can use to put hoes in their place and show them who’s boss.

Here are some comebacks for hoes that will help you shut them down:

  • If d*cks could fly, your mouth would be an airport.
  • Your legs are like McDonald’s, open 24/7.
  • Are you a bookbag? Because something always seems to be inside of you.
  • If you were a cookie, you’d be a whoreo.
  • It’s a joke, not a d*ck. Don’t take it too hard.
  • B*tch, please, your vagina has been used more times than Google.
  • I love your outfit. Did it come with a pole?
  • You’ve seen more weiners than Ketchup.
  • I’m sorry you were offended when I called you a h*e. I didn’t know it was a secret.
  • The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be ready.
  • Stop calling yourself hot. The only thing you can turn on is the microwave.
  • My phone’s battery lasts longer than your relationships.
  • H*es be like, “I’ve been through a lot.” No… a lot has been through you.
  • So if I typed “h*e” into Google, would your picture come up?
  • I’d slap you but that would be animal abuse.
  • Oh darling, go buy a brain.
  • I don’t know what makes you so stupid, but it works!
  • I would call you a h*e, but at least they’re making money from it.
  • You have your entire life to be a h*e. Why not take today off?
  • That’s why no one likes you.
  • Zombies are brain eaters. You’ll be safe.
  • I’ve been called worse by better.

Another great comeback for hoes is simply ignoring them altogether.

Sometimes the best way to deal with toxic people is just to give them the cold shoulder and refuse to engage with them on their level.

Whether this means blocking them on social media or avoiding them in real life, taking a bold stance against negativity can be empowering and effective in shutting down any hurtful comments they might throw your way.

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How to Deal with Rude Comments

For starters, you can simply call out the hoe for being a hoe.

This will give them a taste of their own medicine and reveal how lame it is when someone uses that particular word as an insult.

You can also take a more subtle approach and expose the hoe’s weak spots, turning their own nasty remarks against them to show just how petty and immature they really are.

Finally, if all else fails, you can simply keep calm and carry on, focusing on your own goals instead of getting drawn into drama with a lopsided opponent like the hoe.

In the end, whether you choose one of these strategies or come up with your own response on the fly, make sure to stand up for yourself and keep those hoes in check!

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of good comebacks for hoes that you can use whenever they insult you.

When dealing with a hoe, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect response.

After all, what do you say to a person who’d rather stir up drama and negativity than contribute anything positive to your life?

But never fear – these are plenty of clever and cutting comebacks for hoes that will shut them down and make them think twice about messing with you again.

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