16+ Good Comebacks for “Chill” and “Calm Down”

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Nobody in the history of angry people has ever calmed down after being told to do so.

Unfortunately, telling someone to “chill” usually makes them angry, so I don’t advise telling anyone to chill.

That’s why it can be so infuriating for someone to tell us to “chill” or “calm down.”

But, it is entirely dependent on context and tone.

If the person is overreacting to something that isn’t a big deal or can’t be avoided, ‘chill’ can be acceptable if it’s clear that you’re trying to keep them from worrying.

Alternatively, if someone is upset with you and you tell them to calm down, this is never a good idea. That tells them you don’t believe their feelings are valid.

But, usually, “chill” means “you’re overreacting. Please try to relax.”

The best course of action would most likely be to relax.

The worst thing is being told to calm down when you are, in fact, calm. It makes you feel a lot less calm.

It can be very frustrating, and coming up with a good response is often difficult.

That’s why I put together this list of 16+ clever responses to “chill.” I hope they come in handy the next time someone tells you to chill or to calm down!

Here are some of the best comebacks for “chill” and “calm down”

How do you respond when someone says chill?

How to Respond When Someone Tells You to ”Chill” and ”Calm Down”

When someone tells you to “chill,” it can be tempting to become more agitated.

However, expressing yourself calmly is the key to de-escalating the situation.

To get your point across without raising your voice, practice deep breathing and keep your body posture open.

Speak in a low, even tone with simple and direct language that gets to the point of what you’re trying to say.

Listen attentively and take feedback on board – this will help the other person understand where you are coming from.

By responding calmly, even when provoked, you are showing them respect and proving that differences do not need to lead to an unproductive fight.

But if you feel witty, below are the best comebacks for chill.

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Comebacks for Chill – What to Say When Someone Says to Chill or Calm Down

So what do you say when someone tells you to chill?

If someone ever asks you to calm down or chill, have one of these responses ready.

They’re simple, effective, and will leave the person speechless.

What should you say when someone says, “Chill” or “Calm Down”:

  • No thanks…I’m good.
  • Oh, f*ck off.
  • Jeez, stop being so afraid to make a scene.
  • You really don’t get what’s going on here, do you?
  • Shh! The adults are talking.
  • You’re not helping.
  • You’re right. I need to calm down, and I will, the moment you’re out of my life.
  • I’ll calm down when you stop behaving like a…
  • Please do not tell me to calm down. (and stare at them)
  • Being “calm” lead us here.
  • This is as calm as I’m able to be right now.
  • No, you.
  • I am calm. You want to make me furious? Tell me to calm down again.
  • Did you just tell me to calm down? Are you saying that I am upset?
  • Calmer than you are.
  • You’re the one who needs to calm down.

I try to remain as calm as possible at all times, so… Simply say “OK” and try to relax. Then, calmly repeat whatever point you were trying to make.

This way, it is more likely to have an impact.

Should You React Rudely to Comments Like These?

The issue is that most of the time, “calm down” isn’t meant to be a helpful statement. Typically, it is used as a form of gaslighting, with the goal of provoking an emotional response.

You’re basically saying something that would cause most reasonable people to lose their cool, making it appear as if they weren’t calm (and therefore your call to calm down appears valid).

It’s shady, deceptive, and manipulative. Essentially, this is a very effective form of real-life trolling.

And, to be honest, even if you did want them to calm down, there are better ways to say it that won’t make them explode.

Telling someone who is truly enraged to calm down is often a good way to make them even more enraged.

There are numerous reasons why someone may advise you to calm down, even if you are already calm:

  • Any disagreement from you is interpreted as “freaking out” by them.
  • They’re trying to put you down by implying that they’re handling the conflict better than you are.
  • They are bothered by the disagreement and are attempting to shift the focus away from the issue and onto you.
  • They’re projecting their emotions onto you.

It is up to you to assess the situation and decide on the best course of action. Unless, of course, you’re tired of these types of remarks and want to be rude.

I would never advise you to be rude, but I understand why some people are upset.

After all, it’s easy to put people in their place when they’re being excessively rude, especially if you believe they’re wrong.

It’s important to remember that not everyone wants to engage in constructive dialogue, and sometimes it’s best to simply ignore the comment and move on.

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How to Respond When Someone Tells You to Chill and Calm Down – Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous responses to “chill” and “calm down.” You do not have to be rude or disrespectful when someone tells you to do so.

You can silence the person who asked by using one of the comebacks on our list without causing a scene.

When someone tells you to “chill,” use one of these clever comebacks to put them in their place.

16+ Good Comebacks for Chill and Calm Down - what-to-say-when-someone-tells-you-to-chill-and-calm-down
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