Can You Manifest During an Eclipse? {Explained!}


Wondering if you can manifest during an eclipse? The answer is no, it’s recommended to not manifest during a solar or lunar eclipse.

Why shouldn’t you manifest during an eclipse?

Because manifesting energy is most effective when the Moon is getting brighter, and eclipses amplify this concept.

As a result, it’s best to prioritize affirmations and manifestation work just before the Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon), and then back off a little before the Solar Eclipse (New Moon).

The period immediately following the Solar Eclipse can be extremely powerful for beginning new projects and manifesting abundantly!

Keep on reading to find out why you shouldn’t manifest during an eclipse.

Why Should You Avoid Manifesting During an Eclipse?


In the astrological magical world, eclipses are almost universally regarded as life-sucking malefic omens.

Eclipses are direct assaults on the sun through the moon’s lights.

Their luminosity is suffocated and destroyed.

A solar eclipse is always accompanied by a new moon, so there is no need to say new moon solar eclipse because the term “solar eclipse” implies that it will be a new moon.

Similarly, lunar eclipses are always full moons, so saying it’s a full moon lunar eclipse is redundant.

There are a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t manifest during an eclipse.

One reason is that eclipses can disrupt the flow of energy, and this can lead to your manifestation being less effective.

Additionally, eclipses can block out certain frequencies that are necessary for manifestation, which can again lead to your manifestation being less successful.

Finally, eclipses can also be a time of turmoil and change, which is not ideal for manifestation.

So while it’s tempting to try to manifest during an eclipse, it’s best to wait until the eclipse has passed before you begin.

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Can You Manifest During a Solar Eclipse?


During a solar eclipse, the moon is casting a shadow on the earth to either partially or fully block the sun’s light.

The sun, the moon, and the Earth are aligned and there are times of darkness during the day.

With solar eclipses, the sun’s light is destroyed, and the new ideas that are coming into being are of a dark, destructive quality.

Leaders are often thrown off their pedestal, and metaphorically or literally get killed.

The energy is unstable, and anything you try to manifest during this time is likely to be similarly unstable. Secondly, eclipses are a time of release.

This is a time to let go of what’s no longer serving you, not to hold on tightly to your desires. Finally, eclipses can be a time of darkness and mystery.

If you’re not careful, you may end up manifesting something that you don’t really want.

So be cautious when manifesting during an eclipse; it’s not always an ideal time for manifestation.

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Can You Manifest During a Lunar Eclipse?


During a lunar eclipse, the Earth is between the sun and the moon so that the sun’s light cannot reach the moon and be reflected.

This ends up having a blood-red sky.

With lunar eclipses, the moon’s light is being destroyed. So the energy of manifestation is being sucked away.

They are often correlated with the downfall of social systems.

The manifestation process attracts whatever vibration you are radiating.

So, whether that’s intentional or not, we are always manifesting.

It’s just that these Eclipse points aren’t the best time for intentional manifestation.

The eclipse is like an atomic bomb launching us in a new direction, and we must trust that the collective will manifest.

It’s like lighting a match during an atomic bomb and hoping for the best, or that the outcome would be different.

You’re going to get swept up in that fuel anyway, so the best thing to do during an eclipse is to relax and calm down.

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Although manifesting things during an eclipse is possible, it is not recommended.

Personally, I would not suggest actively manifesting things using eclipse energy, but affirmations are appropriate for all seasons.

Remember that whatever you send out into the universe during an eclipse will be magnified and intensified.

So if you’re feeling any negative emotions during an eclipse, such as fear or anxiety, those emotions will be amplified and could potentially get in the way of your manifestation.

It is ultimately up to you to determine what you are comfortable with.

Eclipses, in my opinion, are excellent for cleansing and rest, but not for manifesting.

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  1. If December 4,2021 is solar eclipse, then can I still do my manifestation on December 5?
    Or should I wait until December 9, 2021? Or just next year January? but January is on a Venus retrograde? Thanks!

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