20 Words of Affirmation for Every Child


Every child needs to be told they are loved and appreciated for who they are. They need to know that someone is proud of them and sees the best in them. We all want our children to feel confident and we want them to believe in themselves.

When I was a child, one of my favorite things to hear from my parents and family members were words of affirmation. Words can be so powerful and they can change the way we feel about ourselves.

The more positive messages we get as children, the more likely it is that we will grow up seeing our worth in society.

Here’s a list of 20 words of affirmation for every child you can use to boost your child’s self-esteem:

20 Words of Affirmations Every Child Needs to Hear


To be a nurturing parent, it is important to give your children words of affirmation. Words have the power to shape our thoughts and beliefs which will in turn impact how we see ourselves. As parents, you can foster an environment in which all children feel valued by speaking words of affirmation to them.

  1. I think you’re amazing!
  2. You did an excellent job! Well done.
  3. I admire the young man (woman) you are developing into.
  4. You are an excellent example.
  5. You did an excellent job on your homework!
  6. Excellent thought.
  7. You always give the best hugs.
  8. You are a fascinating individual.
  9. I enjoy your company.
  10. I’m very lucky to have you as my child.
  11. You’re so brave!
  12. You’re so smart!
  13. You are so funny.
  14. I believe in you.
  15. You are capable of great things.
  16. I’m proud of you.
  17. You make me laugh so hard sometimes it hurts!
  18. Wow! You did an excellent job of cleaning your room!
  19. Did you make this all by yourself? It tastes delicious!
  20. What a brilliant idea!

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Bottom Line

In order for every child to succeed at school and life, they need loving encouragement from their family members through both positive affirmations as well as constructive criticism when appropriate.

If you want to raise more confident and successful children with stronger interpersonal relationships, make sure they get enough praise!

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