13+ Flirty Responses to “You owe me!”


Flirting is all about having fun and playing with the person you’re interested in.

So, when they say something like “you owe me,” don’t be afraid to get a little playful in your response. Maybe you can joke and say something like “I owe you a drink” or “I owe you a dance.

By keeping your response light and flirty, you’ll show that you’re interested in them while also staying true to yourself.

And who knows, maybe they’ll take you up on your offer!

If you want to spice up your interactions, try one of these flirty responses the next time someone tells you “you owe me”:

Flirty Responses to You Owe Me


Humor is always a great icebreaker, and there’s nothing funnier than playing coy when someone tries to hold you accountable for something.

So the next time someone says “you owe me,” try one of these flirty responses:

  • I’ll pay you back…with interest.
  • What do I owe you? A date?
  • I don’t know about money, but I do owe you a favor…
  • I don’t think I owe you anything, but I’d be happy to renegotiate.
  • I guess this means I owe you my phone number.
  • I’m not sure I can ever repay you…but I’ll sure try.
  • I think I can work out a payment plan.
  • Don’t worry, I always pay my debts… in kisses.
  • And how can I repay?
  • Owing you? I think not. If anything, you owe me a date.
  • I’m sorry, I don’t have any money on me. But I’d be happy to pay you back in other ways…
  • I’ll pay you back with interest.

These responses are sure to get a laugh – and maybe even score you a date. So go ahead and use them the next time someone tries to hold you accountable.

You might just have some fun in the process.

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What does it mean when a guy says I owe you one?

When a guy says “I owe you one,” he is expressing his gratitude for something that you have done for him.

This phrase is often used as a way of saying “thank you” for a favor or an act of kindness.

While it can simply be a polite way of expressing one’s appreciation, it can also imply a debt of gratitude that the speaker intends to repay at some point in the future.

In some cases, the phrase may be used as a way to create a sense of obligation or indebtedness in the person being addressed.

As such, it is important to be aware of the context in which this phrase is used before responding.

If you are not comfortable with the implied debt of gratitude, you can always decline by saying something like “no problem” or “don’t mention it.”

However, if you are happy to have helped out, you can accept by saying something like “any time” or “glad to help.”

Either way, this phrase is typically just a friendly way of showing appreciation, so there is no need to be too concerned about its use.

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Final Thoughts

Whether you’re trying to get out of paying up or you’re just feeling sassy, there’s nothing wrong with giving a little flirtatious response when someone says “you owe me.”

After all, a little harmless flirting never hurt anyone. And who knows?

You might just end up getting what you owe (and then some).

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