32 Savage Comebacks For Who Asked “Did I Ask”, “Nobody Asked”

I decided to compile a list of comebacks for who asked you? “Did I ask,” and “nobody asked or cares” because it’s getting ridiculous out there.

Some annoying people ask, “Who asked?” after you tell a story.

There’s nothing worse than someone asking you a question and then responding with, “who asked you?”

It can be frustrating, and it’s often a difficult comeback to come up with.

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That’s why I’ve put together this list of 32+ witty comebacks for “who asked” and “did I ask.”

I hope they help you the next time someone asks you this question!

Here are some of the best comebacks for who asked you, to shut them up:

Who Asked You Comebacks: How to counter who asked

The best comebacks for who asked you, next time somone is rude. Nobody asked you comebacks revealed.
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“Who asked?” is the age-old retort of the unhelpful and uninterested. It’s a way of shutting down a conversation, of refusing to engage with new ideas.

But there are ways to counter it.

With a bit of creativity and quick thinking, you can defuse the “who asked” bomb and keep the conversation going.

Here’s how to counter who asked:

  1. Be prepared: Anticipate that you might encounter a “who asked” attack, and have a ready response prepared. For example, you might say, “I’m glad you asked! I was just about to explain.
  2. Keep your cool: Don’t let the “who asked” question throw you off course. Maintain your composure and stay focused on your goal.
  3. Be witty: If you can come up with a clever response to the “who asked” question, you’ll diffuse the situation and perhaps even win over your critic. For example, you might say, “Actually, I think we all did.
  4. Get specific: When someone asks “who asked,” they’re usually looking for a specific answer. So give them one! Tell them who asked you about the topic or where you read about it.
  5. Change the subject: If all else fails, you can always try changing the subject entirely. Chances are, your critic will be just as happy to move on to something else.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to handle the “who asked” question like a pro and keep the conversation going despite it.

But if you want to be more of a savage, here are the best comebacks for who asked:

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Good Comebacks for Who Asked or Did I Ask?

Man looking at phone, learning comebacks-for-did-i-ask.The best comebacks for who asked you, next time somone is rude. Nobody asked you comebacks revealed.

If someone ever asks you “who asked you,” have one of these good comebacks for “who asked” ready to roll.

They’re clean, effective, and will leave the person asking the question wondering what just hit them.

What should you say when someone says, “Who asked?”

  • Why are you listening if you don’t know who asked?
  • Did I ask if anyone asked?
  • Shhhh, the adults are talking, so please keep quiet.
  • Not you, so shut the f*ck up.
  • You don’t have to.
  • Your parents didn’t ask for you, but here we are.
  • If you don’t like what I have to say, you are free to walk away or share your own story.
  • Who cares if you asked or not?

The best response to who asked is to stay calm and do your best not to overreact.

Then, use one of the above witty comebacks to shut them down!

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Good Comebacks for Did I Ask?

If you’ve ever been in situations where you say something, and someone says, “did I ask” and you don’t know how to respond, these did i ask comebacks will serve you well.

There are few things more frustrating than feeling like you’re being ignored.

Whether you’re in the middle of a heated argument or simply trying to have a conversation, it can be incredibly frustrating when the other person responds with a flippant “did I ask?”.

While there’s no guaranteed way to come up with the perfect comeback at the moment, there are a few witty responses that will put the other person in their place.

Here are some witty comebacks to “Did I ask?”:

  • No, but I wanted to save you the trouble of thinking for yourself.
  • Do I care?
  • Sometimes it’s good to learn new things.
  • You should have.
  • Did your parents ask for you? I don’t think so.
  • No, but I don’t care.
  • No, but I’m telling.

The best response to did I ask is to remain calm and try not to overreact.

Then, use one of the witty comebacks listed above to silence them!

In any case, a witty comeback will put the other person in their place and let them know that you’re not going to take their crap.

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Comebacks for Nobody Asked

woman looking up comebacks for who asked you on her phoine. List of the best comebacks-for-nobody-asked

Whether you’re looking to shut down someone in an argument or want some witty responses up your sleeve, these comebacks will do the trick.

So the next time someone tells you, “nobody asked,” just let them have it with one of these witty comebacks.

  • Just because you didn’t ask doesn’t mean you didn’t need to be told.
  • I’m sorry, were you talking to me?
  • Well, nobody loves you.
  • Maybe you should.
  • Nobody asked you, either, but it seems that we all have to listen.
  • Well, someone should have.
  • Nobody asked you.
  • Oh, I wasn’t talking to you.
  • And?
  • No, you did not, but everyone makes mistakes.

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Comebacks for Who Cares and Nobody Cares

Man being rude to coworkers. Coworkers reading the list of best comnebacks for who asked you at mental style project

Every once in a while, we come across somebody who just doesn’t seem to care about anything – no matter what we say.

In cases like this, we need some clever comebacks to put them in their place.

So whether you’re dealing with a hater or just somebody who’s generally uninterested, here are 14+ clean comebacks for “who cares” and “nobody cares.”

  1. You cared enough to respond.
  2. Your mom sure seemed to care last night. *wink*
  3. Well, I do, and that’s what matters.
  4. No one is talking to you.
  5. Who asked you?
  6. About you.
  7. Nobody f*cking has to.
  8. I don’t care that no one cares.
  9. Is everyone else here a jerk? No? So you’re the only one?
  10. Ok. (and then continuing usually does the trick)
  11. I just felt the need to share.
  12. You cared enough to dismiss it; that counts.
  13. There is the attention you were looking for. (stare them for a few seconds and continue with your story)
  14. I didn’t ask for your opinion either, so why respond?

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Should You Be Rude to Comments Like These?

How you respond when someone says something you don’t like is entirely up to you.

Your responsibility is to assess the situation and determine the best course of action. Unless you’re just fed up with these types of comments and want to be rude.

I’d never advise you to be rude, but I understand why some people are frustrated.

After all, it’s tempting to put people in their place when they’re being needlessly rude, especially if you think they’re wrong.

While it may be tempting to give a rude comment a piece of your mind, doing so is unlikely to change the situation for the better.

In fact, it could make things worse by escalating the situation and giving the troll more attention.

It’s important to remember that not everyone wants to engage in constructive dialogue, and sometimes the best course of action is to ignore the comment and move on.

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32 Savage Comebacks for Who Asked You? Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of comebacks for “who asked,” “nobody cares,” etc. You don’t have to be rude or disrespectful when someone asks this question.

By using one of the comebacks from our list, you can shut down the person who asked without causing a scene.

Next time someone asks you, “who asked,” or “did I ask” use one of these clever comebacks and put them in their place.

32 savage comebacks for who asked you
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  1. i’ve got one more…
    “Nobody cares.”
    reply straight away with: “…about you”

    also, amazing comebacks!

  2. very nice i have an idea for one

    “bro who asked”

    you: “I don’t know who and I don’t care who but you asked that question and that’s enough of an answer for me”

  3. i have one for “who asked”, “did i ask” or “nobody asked”: I dont wait for people to ask.

  4. Well ya see my brain cares and since you dont have one, you cant be talking *smile* (and girls hair flip and walk away)

  5. Um hi again Mr. Rotar I have a roast but it doesn’t have much to do with who asked and stuff like that
    Person ’bout to get ROASTED: bro your so ugly that Shreks prettier than you
    YOU; why am i praying because your a sign that the world is ending

  6. so this is the world we live in now, with people so rude that we need websites for comebacks

  7. who asked:
    “You did… you just forgot because you have dimentia”
    keep saying this for every time someone replies back with who asked constantly

  8. The neighborhood kids came over to my house and one day me and my brother and this nine year old girl were swinging on our swings and my brother was telling a story of some sort and the girl said “did I ask? No.” And I just said “well that was rude” but now I have a Comeback 🙂

  9. does anyone know a good comeback for you can’t be talking… this stupid kid in my class stops me dead in my tracks with it and i don’t know what to do.. like if i say something was stupid he just says “you can’t be talking” and i don’t know what to do.

  10. Who asked you?

    “As a superior intelligence, you should already know.
    “Are you working for statistics Canada?
    “When is your questionnaire due?
    “You’re omnipotent, why the need to ask?

    Nobody asked.

    “Especially you.
    “Omg! Your attention span is so honed!
    “Do you wear a hearing aid?

    Who cares?

    “About YOUR opinion
    “That you’re being rude?
    “Not your parents. (Not your bf/gf)

  11. @Wriggle, Thank you so much because a boy has crush on me and he told me Him and I Both the roast battles this is super helpful because I always win. Byeee😘

  12. @Bale, Thank you so much I can use it on a rude girl And also this boy who always was me he’s very annoying So yeah. I also screen shoted this is how much I loved it.Byeee😘

  13. @Ashlynn, Sorry Ashley I think I saw the that 1 on the list. Proof; I screenshot it But yeah. Byee😘

  14. The girl who is Mallory that was actually me I accidentally put the wrong name Yes seraphina is my real name

  15. I’ve got a modified one

    Do I care:

    well, your mom cared for me last night in bed. *troll face* + *sigma*

  16. instead of: shhh the adults are talking, so please be quiet I am going to use: shh the intelligent people are talking, so please be quiet.

  17. “no one asked”
    dang i didnt know that ur so dumb u dont know the difference between answering and telling

  18. @mackenzie, just tell him that you don’t need permission because you arn’t a nobody like him.

  19. Who Aksed:

    *stop what you are saying and say: “Wow you are rude, but I’m pretty sure asking “Who asked?” is the thing only people in Ohio do.”*

  20. Hey! This worked so well! It shut all my friends up!
    Thanks a lot Sergios Rotar (hope i didn’t make any typos.)

  21. Kid: who asked?
    Me: *to the person I was talking to*
    Oh look! Pathetic, unoriginal kid just wanting attention.
    Wait, don’t actually look if you want functioning eyes.

  22. Stupid jerk:who asked??

    Me: for you to be in this conversation now bye-bye (does a little wave)

  23. Comeback for who asked:
    See? The proof that u have no brain cells! U can’t even remember what u did a second ago…

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