How to Do the Piano Method for Shifting in 5 Simple Steps


The Piano Method is a really popular shifting method created by Amino user cassie!

It entails visualizing yourself playing the piano and then walking through a door that leads you to your desired reality.

When compared to other reality-shifting methods, the Piano method is a very powerful technique based on visualization.

So, if you’re not good at visualizing, here are the best shifting methods that don’t require any visualization.

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While scripting is recommended for the Raven method for shifting, it is not necessary for the Piano method.

You may, however, write a shifting script and recite it every day to imprint in your mind the desired reality you wish to experience once you’ve successfully shifted.

Here are the 5 steps to using the piano method to shift to your desired reality.

The Piano Method


One of the most important aspects of shifting realities is preparing yourself before beginning any reality-shifting method.

Preparing for a shift involves choosing a time when you will not be interrupted and creating a calm, distraction-free environment.

And that is what we will focus on in Step 1 of the piano method.

Let’s dive in.

Step 1: Get into a Comfortable Position and Relax.

The first step of the Piano method is to find a comfortable position and relax your body and mind.

Because we’re going to visualize a lot in the coming steps, it’s very important that you are in a calm state of mind in order to shift to your desired reality.

Start by meditating for about 5 to 10 minutes.

Think about it.

You are a naturally high-vibration being, but your negative thoughts and beliefs prevent you from vibrating fully.

This is why meditation is so effective at redirecting your vibration.

It clears your mind from all the chatter that it’s going on in there and prepares you for shifting.

Then, to get in the mood, I recommend listening to piano/instrumental music.

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Step 2: Visualize Yourself Playing the Piano in a Big Room Full of People.

Now that you are relaxed and calm, it’s time for the second step of the Piano method.

Close your eyes and visualize that you’re in a large room or hall with a lot of people around you, and you’re about to become the center of attention.

Everyone quietens down to pay attention to you.

There is a piano at the far end of the hall; imagine it however you want.

Walk down the hall and pick a song to play on the piano; it doesn’t matter which one, but one that connects you to your desired reality is ideal.

Concentrate on playing the piano and visualize as much as you can, using all of your senses if possible.

Really allow the song to wash over you and bring you peace.

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Step 3: When you Finish the Song, Take a Bow and Leave the Room to a Corridor with Doors.

The room erupts in applause as you finish the song. You rise and bow.

“It’s time for me to go home,” you say.

You walk away from the Hall, and you find a person from your desired reality who’s been waiting for you.

After you greet each other, they extend their hand and they lead you away from everyone, leaving from the Hall.

Then, you walk into a corridor that it’s full of doors.

However, there is a door that catches your attention. It’s made of dark brown oak and has a shining gold handle.

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Step 4: Imagine Walking through a Door that Has a Bright White Light Inside it.

The person from your desired reality leads you to this door.

When they open it, you are greeted by a bright golden light and a warm feeling.

You walk into the light and find yourself surrounded by stars. It’s stunning.

You’re at ease, secure, and calm.

This is optional but you can repeat shifting affirmations to yourself at this moment of the method. Here are some examples:

  • I am shifting.
  • I am capable of shifting.
  • I am coming to my desired reality.

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Step 5: When you Feel the Light Has Gone Out, Open your Eyes. You’ve arrived.

The fifth and final step of the Piano method is to open your eyes when you feel that the light has gone out!

Right now you might be experiencing some shifting symptoms such as numbness, itchiness, and so on.

Don’t be afraid! That means that you are SO close to shifting.

When you feel the light has gone out, physically open your eyes. You should be in your desired reality!

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Final Words

With that being said, you know now the 5 steps to using the Piano method for shifting to your desired reality!

Don’t get too worked up if it doesn’t work right away. It takes time and patience to shift.

You won’t shift to your desired reality if you don’t believe you can. It all comes down to how much you believe.

Keep in mind that we are powerful creators with the ability to shape our own lives.

Happy shifting!

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