12 Lists To Get You More Organized

12 Lists To Get You More Organized

Lists are a great and very important tool to have in your arsenal if you want to stay or get more organized in your life.

They are also a productive way to stay on top of your tasks and responsibilities, which is why I have compiled this helpful list of 12 list ideas to get organized.

So, if you are interested in learning what lists to make to stay organized then keep reading!

Benefits of making a list:

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  • Making lists helps you reduce anxiety. If you get the overwhelming feeling of having 1000’s of things to do but you don’t know where to start from, you know what I’m talking about. Writing things down on a piece of paper lowers your stress levels.
  • They improve your focus. Using your list as a roadmap will help you to keep your eye on the prize.
  • Feel and be more productive. The act of crossing off tasks from your list gives you a positive productive feeling and this alone is worth keeping lists for.
  • They make you more organized. A To-Do list not only creates order but also gives you a strategy for getting things done.

As you can see, the benefits of having a list are very important in making you more organized and productive.

12 Lists To Make To Get More Organized

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12 Lists To Get You More Organized

1. Daily To-Do List.

You’ve most likely heard of To-Do lists before, but still, they’re a great start for getting more organized. Daily To-Do lists help you stay on track and focused with your tasks, making you more productive and less likely to procrastinate.


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    2. Weekly To-Do List.

    A weekly To-Do list, just like with the daily, can be a life-changing tool to help you stay more organized with your life. I have a whole post about what you can do on a Sunday to have a productive week, check it out here: 9 Things To Do Every Sunday For A Productive Week

    3. Password Tracker List.

    I’m surely not the only one that has over 100 accounts and passwords to keep track of?

    A wise thing to do is to keep a password list because forgetting and having to reset your password all the time can be a pretty frustrating activity to do.

    If I’m being honest, apple’s Autofill feature has saved my life, keeping all my usernames and passwords in one place.

    4. Fitness Goals List.

    Keep track of your gym sessions or at-home workouts. You can track which days you worked out, how many reps and sets you did, the weights that you lifted, the miles (km) you ran, etc.

    These lists will help keep you focused with your fitness goals.

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    5. Goals List.

    goals list

    These can be both short-term and long-term goals. Keeping a goals list is a great way to keep you inspired and motivated to work towards your goals and dreams.

    6. Gratitude List.

    Gratitude is the key to true happiness, and no, I’m not exaggerating this. There is scientific evidence that being grateful improves both your physical and mental health. So making a gratitude list-journal should be a wise thing to do so.

    If you don’t know how to start practicing gratitude, here is a helpful guide.

    7. Books To Read List.

    Did you know that the average millionaire reads 60 books a year?

    Get free access to Audible for 30 Days!

    8. Healthy Habits List.

    Having a habit tracker is a great way and motivator to help you form new habits or to keep track of your current ones.

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    9. Bucket List.

    A bucket list is essentially a list of your life-goals, the things you want to do or accomplish in your life before buying. This can range from travel destinations to trying out every restaurant in your area.

    Whatever you want to do in life, this is the list you have to make.

    10. Meal Planner List.

    Keeping a meal planner list for the next 3-7 days can help you save time from wondering what to eat and also help you make healthier food choices.

    Look, you are what you eat. If you consume crappy food, you’ll feel crappy and you’ll have low energy levels. So try meal planning for a week, and see if it works for you.

    11. Shopping List.

    bucket list

    This can be pretty handy for those people who go to the supermarket and forget half of what they came for. Been there, done that. A great benefit I’ve found with keeping a shopping list is that it prevents you from impulsive buying because you only buy the things that are on your list.

    12. Budget and Spending List.

    Since I started tracking my incoming and outcoming money, it has helped me save more money and become more mindful of how and on what I spend my money. It may sound difficult or extreme at first, but if you try it, you’ll see the areas of your life where you can save a bit more money and correct your spending habits.

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