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10 (EASY) Night Routine Ideas To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

10 (EASY) Night Routine Ideas To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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Everyone talks about morning rituals and the morning routines of the millionaires, but to have a very productive morning and day in general, you need to get a good night’s sleep.

And how do you do that? By developing a night routine, of course!

No matter how many slaps you give your face in the morning, if the night before, you slept for about 3 hours, sorry to break it to you, you’re going to feel like trash.

Why it’s important to have a night routine?

A well-structured bedtime routine is just as important as a well-structured morning routine.

A night routine, like when you wake up in the morning, keeps you from wandering around aimlessly, and it prepares you to go to bed relaxed and calm.

Benefits of a night routine:

  1. Increased sleep duration.
  2. Improved sleep quality.
  3. Makes the morning a much smoother experience.
  4. Helps the brain to function at peak levels during the day.
  5. Relaxes you from work and day stress

For the reasons mentioned above, it’s crucial to develop a consistent nighttime routine in which you allow yourself 1 hour or 1 hour and a half of relaxing time.

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Here are the 10 healthy bedtime routine ideas that you can include in your relaxing time.


1. Avoid Caffeine 7 Hours Before Going to Bed.

Caffeine is the most widely overconsumed central nervous system stimulant in the world. We all enjoy it. We all crave it right when we open our eyes in the morning.

We feel that, without it, we can’t properly function. And it’s hella addictive too. At least I am to it.


Studies have shown that consuming caffeine 3 to even 6 hours before going to bed, significantly disrupts sleeping patterns.

Even consuming it 6 hours prior, studies suggest that caffeine reduced sleep by one hour.

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2. Avoid Alcohol 4 Hours Before Going to Bed.

Research has shown drinking large amounts of alcohol before going to bed is often related to needing more time to fall asleep.

Alcohol also interferes with the quality of sleep, suppressing melatonin (the “sleeping hormone”).

The conclusion is, don’t go too hard with alcohol.

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3. Take a Hot Shower/Bath

The act of getting into a hot tub or shower, after a long stressful day at work/school is just so relaxing.

It feels like all of the fatigue and tension of the day washes off, just like the dirt from your body. That calming state of mind is needed when you’re going to sleep.

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4. Read a Book.

If you prefer a more mental-engaging activity, reading a few pages of your favorite book is a great way to relax your mind and body.

Pair it with a hot cup of tea; non-caffeinated, and you got yourself a soothing experience.

5. Meditate.

Putting 5-10 minutes aside for meditation before you go to sleep, can impact your mood, stress levels, and sleep quality in a positive way.

Meditation puts your mind in a calm and peaceful state, and that’s the exact point we try to achieve here!

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6. Prepare Your Work Clothes.

Preparing your work clothes the night before saves you a few extra minutes of anxiously searching for them in the morning, while being already late for work/ school.

And we all know how important are a few extra minutes in the morning.

In fact, you’ll sleep more peacefully knowing you’ve already prepared for tomorrow.

7. Create A List Of Goals For Tomorrow.

Make a To-Do list for the tasks you want to tackle the next day.

If you feel that you’re getting worried and anxious about getting things done, and that keeps you awake, then writing down the goals for tomorrow will have you falling asleep a lot faster!

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8. Limit Screen Time.

Digital devices, and phones especially, contain a lot of blue light. And an excessive amount of blue light right before going to bed can have a negative impact on your sleeping patterns, as a study from Harvard suggests.

You can find more info on this topic in this article that I wrote: 3 Surprising Ways Your Phone Is Causing You Anxiety

9. Skin Care Routine.

If you don’t have already a skincare routine, you should definitely consider adding one to your night routine. A skincare routine will not only get you healthy skin but also you’ll get a sense of accomplishment and relaxation.

Personally, for my own skincare routine, I use Tiege Hanley. Tiege Hanley is a men’s online subscription-based skincare company with an honest approach.

You can check them out by clicking here, you also get a free bag with your first box using my code: DOPP

10. Light meal with protein.

light meal is a part of a good night routine

Going to bed with an empty stomach is a no-go. A hungry stomach will keep you awake at night, and it’s also not a happy feeling.

On the contrary, going to bed while having just eaten a heavy meal is also a no-go. Indigestion and the feeling of a bloated stomach can disrupt your sleep.

To get the best of both worlds, you should eat a light snack, packed with proteins. Such a meal is greek yogurt with a handful of nuts.

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